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Quick Tip; Cool In The Heat

California Hot

Hot California wedding

Even in April, it’s hot in California. These gummy bears didn’t have a prayer.


As Summer starts to heat up, just had to share a quick tip. If you’re having an outdoor wedding think about any desert items you might have for your guests.

A lot of attention gets paid to the cake, but going with items, normally not associated with melting, on a desert table could lead to a hot mess, or at the least a funny picture. Like these poor melted gummy bears, who were in the shade during the early afternoon California sun, but caught some rays later in the day.

Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer to stash those commemorative candy bars in the freezer till it’s go time for the reception.



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Quick Tip; Pinning the Boutonnière

Stop The Fear & Bloodletting

Ok, so for the record I’ve never saw someone draw blood while pinning the boutonnière, but I have witnessed the look of fear in both the pinner & the pinee. While you pass up a chance to get great photos like the one above, you minimize the chance of damaging the flower and yourself when you pin the boutonnière on a jacket while its on a hanger.