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Wedding nightmares

I’ve heard all sorts of wedding nightmare stories, although I will admit most of them are actually more like a wedding hiccup than a full blown nightmare. Which is why I think I’ve actually been paying attention to stories I’ve heard or read about brides who had their dresses on hold at Eva’s Bridal shop in Oak Lawn, Il.

If you haven’t heard the story already, Eva’s is a well known dress shop that regularly gets good reviews from it’s brides, but on Nov. 17th, a fire started at the shop and the building went up in flames and the roof came down. I was tempted to write about this before, but I was busy relaunching the blog, so now a few weeks after when I heard the story about Melissa Conley, while listening to the news on the radio, I had to share this story.

It seems that not only was Melissa, one of the brides who’s dress went up in smoke, but another bridal shop lost her bride’s maids dresses and then to top it off the venue she had booked for rehearshal dinner, Harry Caray’s in Wrigleyville, closed down out of the blue.

While one might think how does a bar themed around the former voice of the Chicago Cubs go out of business just block from Wrigley Field? I’d say the real thing to  think of is Melissa,  if the only issue you have on your wedding day is rain.

Melissa’s story in the Chicago Tribune

Eva’s Bridal story in the Southtown Star

Also, if you are already married and still have your dress, but really don’t foresee it doing anything but hanging out in your closet. Eva’s is taking donations for brides who lost dresses and are in a pinch. Visit their website for more info

Thunderstorms. That’s the best you can throw at me Mother Nature?