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15 Questions for a Wedding Photographer #11; Beware of Certain Photographers

15 Questions Brides Want to Know About Wedding Photography #2

One of the interesting parts of being a professional in a field for a while is you get requests from the media for comment on events, or topics relevant to that field. Recently I was asked to answer some questions for an upcoming book geared towards future brides.

I was one of several professionals who were asked questions specifically for wedding photography, so I don’t think I’ll be spoiling anything by revealing my answers, since I’m sure they’ll use others for some of the 15 answers, plus I wasn’t asked anything about catering, or how to preform a traditional religious ceremony.

I’ll be sure to post up link when the book is published, but for now I’ll be spreading the questions and my answers (plus maybe a little extra) out over the next 15 days.


Question #11

What should a couple beware of with certain wedding photographers?


While rare, although not as rare as I’d like, the biggest concern would be that the work the photographer is presenting as their own, is actually copied from other photographer’s websites. This however can be extremely hard to find out. A more common bait & switch is performed  by studios who show work from photographers who no longer work for them. The other is when a photographer is really only good at one, or two types of photos.

A great way to flush both of these pitfalls out is to ask for samples of at least 100-300 images form a wedding that is completely their work, or the work of the photographer you’ll be working with. I have seen a lot of wedding portfolios with great artistic colored details shots of flowers, but lack any real candid moments. A couple who recently booked me mentioned that several of the photographers they looked at seemed more concern with the skyline in the background of the posed photos than the bride & groom.


Here’s a great post from Chicago Tribune photojournalist Alex Garcia, giving 7 solid tips on things to look out for when hiring a wedding photographer.



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Question #12

How should a couple determine their wedding photography budget?

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