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Congratulation: Stacy & Anthony 9-10-11

Family Wedding

Besides the fact it was nice to actually be sitting at a table with family instead of complete strangers at the reception. In all the years I have been a photographer, the one thing I have never done was photograph a family member’s wedding. I’m the oldest of 13 grandkids¬† from my mother’s side of the family alone and Stacy is only the third one of us to tie the knot. With 10 more to go, I’m sure this won’t be the last wedding.

I’m delighted Stacy found such a standup guy in Anthony and it was great to be involved in her wedding in some capacity, since I was the ring bearer in her father’s wedding (my uncle).

Gettig ready.

Waiting for the limo bus to come.

On the way to the church. Weather is looking good.

Hnagin' with the groomsmen before the wedding.

The map for the bussel looked liked a map for disarming a bomb, but Stacy's bridesmaids came through.

Molly gave a great toast for her big sister.

First dance.

I’m looking forward to getting to know my new cousin better and hope they find just half as much joy in the photos I made as they do in each other.
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