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Happy Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July

fireworks at your wedding

Happy 4th of July

So one of my brides emailed me and asked for a couple of sneak peaks from her wedding. Seeing as how I have a two weddings before her’s I’m still working on sneak peeks for I thought it wouldn’t be fair to skip ahead, but since there were some fireworks on their wedding day, I figured I’d sneak a few in to wish everybody a Happy 4th of July.

Congrats Morgan & Ryan. More to come soon.

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Fireworks on your wedding day

Fireworks at a wedding reception


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Good Luck & Happy New Year

May You Catch That Bouquet in 2012

Here’s to all you women (and little girls) out there who haven’t caught a bouquet yet. May 2012 be your year.

Here are some of my favorite bouquet catching moments.

Just a little bit over thrown.

Notice the flower pedals everywhere?

Wedding Stories; Great Speeches, Angela & Ben

wedding toast speeches from the bride

An Amazing Wedding Speech

wedding toast speeches from the bride

[Angela, please correct me if I’ve gotten any part of this story wrong]

It’s no secret, weddings are extremely joyous & emotional events. Especially for the friends and family that are involved with the couple.

You’ve got a quivering bottom lip from the father of the bride as he walks his darling little girl down the aisle, a stuttering groom as he recites his vows and of course what wedding is complete with out tears from the mother of the groom and crying bridesmaids.

groom bride speech

Seeing over a dozen or more weddings a year I don’t often get choked up, so I tend to remember the one, or two times it does happen. I find it a little funny, as earlier in the day I had mentioned this fact to Angela (the bride), and thinking about it now, I can picture her saying in the back of her mind “Oh. I’ve got something for you later”. That is assuming she knew how emotional the room would be.

Angela was the last to give a speech that night and the story she would tell would be set up perfectly by her father, whom had mentioned in his speech about Angela’s issue of not being noticed by, or being able to find the right kind of man.

Angela, continued on with this story as she took the mic. Explaining that she was depressed about not finding that one true love. So one night she sat down and started writing love letters/poems to this yet unknown man who she was sure was out there, in hopes of one day being able to give them to him.

Admitting that the whole idea sounded like something a crazy person would do, she then produced one of the poems and read it aloud  in front of everybody and to Ben, for the first time.

As Angela, read her poem, she cried and sniffled through quite a bit of it, but finished strong in a giant embrace with her new soul mate.

To say there were very few dry eyes in the house would be an understatement. My own eyes were filled partially with tears and I had that dry feeling in the back of my throat. It was a wonderful moment and I was glad they allowed me to be the person to photograph it all.

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