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Quick Tip; Cool In The Heat

California Hot

Hot California wedding

Even in April, it’s hot in California. These gummy bears didn’t have a prayer.


As Summer starts to heat up, just had to share a quick tip. If you’re having an outdoor wedding think about any desert items you might have for your guests.

A lot of attention gets paid to the cake, but going with items, normally not associated with melting, on a desert table could lead to a hot mess, or at the least a funny picture. Like these poor melted gummy bears, who were in the shade during the early afternoon California sun, but caught some rays later in the day.

Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer to stash those commemorative candy bars in the freezer till it’s go time for the reception.



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Personal Gripe: Wedding Planners Please Move!

Let me just start off by saying, I love wedding planners and event coordinators. They make weddings go smoothly and allow the couple to enjoy more of the day. I highly suggest if you’re doing any type of large wedding with lots of logistics you work with one.

That being said, their penchant for making sure every center piece is measured by the exact radius of the table and rooms are at a perfect temperature to stop flowers from wilting, doesn’t just remind me of my German mother, it also means they have a tendency float around like helicopter parents at a cement play ground. Which in quite a few cases means they end up in the background of more than a few of my photos.

I should have removed the thermostat from this photo as well as the wedding planner who stayed behind the bride after opening the door.

Don’t get me wrong, your wedding planner should be on top of their game as the ceremony starts, but planning a wedding to be great is all for naught if your photos & video get photo bombed on accident by the people you hired. When I work with a second photographer, it’s almost like watching ballet. We move in unison, knowing exactly where to stand so we do not end up in the others image. Same can be said for the videographer.

So to all you wedding planners out there, I look forward to seeing the magic you help create at the next wedding, but realize if you can see the lens of the photographers at your event, chance are they are screaming inside “PLEASE MOVE!”

Wedding planners are always hovering as the bride walks down the aisle.

Where’s Waldo? Sometimes I can actually move in a way that hides the planner. See next photo.

Before Photoshop, this was how you took unwanted things out of your background. You changed your angle.