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What is Your Wedding Photographer Use to?

Rain and Mud and Fun

I will sometimes post up photo albums on my Facebook page titled “Because I Don’t Always Shoot Weddings” to showcase the fact that I didn’t start my photography career off shooting weddings and its not the only thing I do. And while I try to keep the images on this blog strictly wedding related I had to share a few from an assignment I had Friday night for the Chicago Sun-Times.

The reason I bring this up and why I think its relevant to wedding photography is because if you are hiring a photographer that says they do photojournalistic style, it helps if they have a background in actual photojournalism, like myself and many of the photographer that are members of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

My assignment took place at night, in 50 degree weather, with light rain and a sideline that was 2-3 inches of mud. I had to shoot young men who are often just months away from playing on nation TV at the college level, in a game that moves up and down a field that is longer than any church aisle I’ve ever seen and I’m expected to have reactions from the fans as well as the on field action they are reacting to and it all has to be shot, edited and uploaded by the end of the game. The photos below aren’t the game action photos I uploaded to the paper, but are a collection of images I made documenting the field and the mark it left on the players.

I say all this because when it rains at your wedding, or the lighting isn’t perfect and multiple things are going on at once. You want somebody who knows how to work in that, not just a photographer who says they shoot photojournalistic style.


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