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Image Friendly Wedding Tip #6: The Silent Treatment

Image Friendly Wedding Tip #6: The Silent Treatment

Couples are always looking for ways to make their wedding as perfect as possible. Over my years as a professional photographer I have found all sorts of little tips that brides & grooms can do to make sure their wedding photos come out even better, almost regardless of who’s behind the camera. I hope these posts improve your wedding experience

Modern ceremony, especially those that take place out side of religious venues, often are shorter and less verbose. While this is a windfall for your guests looking to hit the cocktail hour, it can however put your photographer in a pinch if they wanted to get several different angles, or viewpoints, as there may not be many verbal clues to when an important part of the ceremony will happen. One of the best things you can do is let you photographer know exact phrases, or timeline of the ceremony once you’ve done your rehearsal.

While most photographers have a game plan and will start approaching a location we want to be in for the rings & kiss, on occasion a short ceremony can catch even a seasoned pro off guard if there is little in between readings and vows.

One of my most mortifying misses I had was at the wedding of Michi & Jesse (pictured above). The vows had been said and the rings were asked for by the officiant, I was in place, but nothing was said after and the rings were placed on their fingers. After getting the shot of the best man handing the rings off, I had looked down to make sure I had plenty of space left on the memory cards for covering this and the kiss, but when I looked back up the ring was already on the brides finger and not a word was whispered.

The ironic thing is that they didn’t even notice and in most situations, the camera doesn’t have a clear view of the brides ring finger anyway. Regardless, I apologized and added a little gift in with their wedding photos.

So, if your wedding is on the short & sweet side, make sure you drop a hint to the photographer about silent parts of your ceremony.

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