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15 Questions for a Wedding Photographer #9; When to start looking for a Photographer

15 Questions Brides Want to Know About Wedding Photography #2

One of the interesting parts of being a professional in a field for a while is you get requests from the media for comment on events, or topics relevant to that field. Recently I was asked to answer some questions for an upcoming book geared towards future brides.

I was one of several professionals who were asked questions specifically for wedding photography, so I don’t think I’ll be spoiling anything by revealing my answers, since I’m sure they’ll use others for some of the 15 answers, plus I wasn’t asked anything about catering, or how to preform a traditional religious ceremony.

I’ll be sure to post up link when the book is published, but for now I’ll be spreading the questions and my answers (plus maybe a little extra) out over the next 15 days.


Question #9

At what point in the wedding planning process should a couple book a wedding photographer?

No later than 6 months out, but preferably a year to 9 months, especially if you have a hot date like 9/10/11, or are getting married in peak seasons.





Coming up tomorrow

Question #10

What should a couple look for in a wedding photographer?

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