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Narrow Your Guest List


Tips to Narrow Your Guest List

Lets face it, most couples want to invite just about every person they know to their wedding. And why not? Its suppose to be a grand celebration and a giant party, but budgets and time constraints often bring things down a notch. I mean if you did invite 500 people, at 30 seconds a person, it would take you over 4 hours to thank them all.

So, I’m going to share a little tip I usually give to couples who I meet, early on in their wedding planning, to help sort out a more manageable list. (By the way, it helps to do this on a computer file, since there may be a lot of writing).


First; go hog wile and make a list of every person you & your future spouse would invite.

Second; make a list of who you absolutely have to invite.

Third; with exception to the “must invite” eliminate people you haven’t seen in person in over a year, or people you haven’t even talked to on the phone in the last 6 months.


Now obviously this will not give you your final list, but it will give you a very good starting point. Some family & friends my not make that cut due to geographical difference, but you’ll still invite them and this does leave open the door for a few people, mainly co-workers, or fellow students in some cases, so if that’s something you have to decide on your own. Also, if parents are paying for part, or all of your wedding day, don’t forget they’ll have a list too.

The real reason of this method isn’t to give you an absolute list, but more of a way to help you determine if inviting the kid who lived on your block in 8th grade is really necessary.

I think using the phone and in person conversation is far more relevant than the use of say Facebook.

No matter what you do, good luck and just remember. Don’t worry about who might be mad if you don’t invite them. Worry about who you really want there to celebrate your special day with.



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